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Soul Cafe - Aligning Our Soul

Everything we do...

Every choice we make will either nourish our Soul or drain it.

Wow! That puts things in perspective! Every choice we make will either move us towards love or walks us away from love. There's no in between.

Let that sink in for a moment...

What does this mean?

Nourishing our Soul... Moving towards love ...

Draining our Soul.... Walking away from love...

When we think about this and really allow it to sink in, it becomes clear that one choice or action will either bring us power or drain our power.

You see, each of us was put here with a purpose. Some of us will relate to this with labels such as: Life Purpose, Soul Contract, Karmic Contract, just to name a few. For the purpose of simplicity and for this blog, let's use 'Soul Contract'.

Before our Soul Contract was created, our Spirit Guides empowered us to decide which life lesson scenarios would enable our soul to evolve. These choices then formulate the basis of our contract. This 'contract' is a spiritual document that our Soul recognizes. We often find ourself making statements like: "I just need to be true to myself" or "I feel like I'm meant to do something else" or "I'm being called to do something else". Often logic will drop to the side when we feel these statements. This is when we know that our Soul is craving to be placed back into alignment with our Soul Contract. We were born with a purpose!

How to Align Our Soul

It's so simple! You'll be surprised!

The key is to be present in the moment. If we missed being present in the moment, don't fret! Revisit any situation in your minds eye!

Here's what we need to do: Evaluate when a situation or person has us feeling happy, joy, excitement, etc.... then we're in alignment with our Soul and Soul Contract. When a situation or person has us feeling upset, depressed, uncomfortable, etc... then we're not in alignment with our Soul and Soul Contract.

Very simple ! Our emotions are our guiding force!

When something has us feeling nourished.... we're moving towards love and we're in alignment with our Soul. Nourishing our Soul fuels our life purpose with power and we feel whole, fulfilled and content.

When something has us feeling drained.... we're moving away from love and we're not in alignment with our Soul. Draining our Soul robs us from living our purpose and sadly moves us towards fear. Our lives then become riddled with apprehension, low self esteem like we don't measure up.

Trust your emotions! Allow yourself to align with your Soul Contract.and watch your life blossom!

Happy manifesting your life! Scarlet xo

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