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Soul Cafe ~ Using Intuition and Emotions as Your Compass

Have you ever found yourself climbing the ladder of life, and then learning that it was leaning on the wrong wall ?

Let's start by saying this... The Universe is a perfect place! Everything that's happened for us, no matter whether it felt good or not good, was the Universe plotting to do us good. Who we became in the process, those experiences that have heightened our awareness, can never be taken away.

Now that we got that out of the way...

Did you know that everyone is Intuitive ? Yes ! We are! How we use it and how we're called to use it, differs. Intuition, is that calm quiet voice deep inside that we hear. It's the voice that cradles us with guidance... it whispers for us to go for something, or that we shouldn't do something.

When we don't listen to that inner voice, we take power away from ourself. Please remember that! For example: We're in a grocery store and we reach for something, and that quiet voice says "Eating that isn't good for you." and we ignore it and go ahead and buy that item and then eat it. In that moment, we walked toward fear... we've taken power away from ourself.

So... If intuition is our compass, then where do emotions like joy or fear fit in? Joy on our intuitive compass is what North is on a physical compass. Joy moves us towards fulfilment of our dreams. Fear moves us in the opposite direction.

How do I know I'm on my path?

What do I dream of?

The truth is, a lot of us don’t even know what we are chasing and there is a good reason for that: We've disconnected with our intuition, with our inner compass. We've stepped onto the 'hamster wheel of life' and we're mindlessly attempting to survive and in that process, we've lost focus on our dreams.

What if I told you that guidance in the direction of our life is within us and it's easier than we think? It is! Honour your emotions, feel them and follow that feeling! Happy feelings mean 'GO'... Unhappy feelings mean 'STOP'. Honour that calm inner voice, known as our intuition and listen to it!

Our emotions are our direction... when we feel happy feelings such as JOY, we move forward. When we feel discomfort such as FEAR. stop and assess the direction we're moving in. The vast spectrum of emotions are your guiding light! When we experience emotions that are Joyful, this is an indicator that we're moving our life in the right direction. When the emotions we're feeling are unpleasant like doubt or disappointment, we must assess. Am I in alignment with the direction I want my life to go?

Using emotions as our guiding force, isn't enough. Listen to that calm, intuitive, inner voice that cradles you with guidance and support. When we pay attention to both how we're feeling and listening to our inner wisdom, this collectively will guide you in the right direction.

You had it in you all this time !

Happy Manifesting! Scarlet xo

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