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Your Divine Mission - New Moon in March

Disappearing into the sky on March 13, 2021 at exactly 5:20 a.m. EST, this New Moon in March represents faith, compassion, surrender, and universal love — Everything about this energy is leading you toward your soul path... Your Divine Mission. In order to reunite with your higher self, you will need to release what no longer serves you. By doing so, you will hold space for what is wanting to emerge into your life.

A new moon cycle offers a blank slate upon which you can set intentions. It holds the energy of a fresh start, and inspires you to pursue new goals and manifest new possibilities for yourself.

In addition to setting new intentions, the new moon also allows you to carry over any intentions from the previous cycle that have not yet come to fruition. By continuing to manifest your goals, the new moon brings fresh new energy to your existing intentions.

Setting New Moon Intentions

This March new moon energy will cradle you in energetic support as you manifest your new beginnings. It gently gives your intentions wings. The best way to set yourself up for success during this new moon energy, is to choose one intention.

When setting your intention, there's two parts to ensuring success during the March new moon energy:

1. Use language that will manifest and word it in such a way that the Universe will answer 'Yes' to your intention, while leaving it open to possibilities. It is equally important to use language that treats your goal as if it has already manifested. For example:

"Send me a healthy, loving relationship that will nourish my mind, body and emotions."

2. As you prepare for setting your intention, be sure to engage in a self-care ritual to centre your energy in calm and harmony. Once your energy is positive and heart centred, feel your intention as though it's already happened in your life. Feel the feelings that you would feel once your intention has come true. Let that feeling flood your mind and body.

Crystals for the New Moon

The best crystals to work with on the new moon are those that embody the energy of darkness as well as the energy of manifestation and possibilities.

Here's two crystals that I enjoy using.

Black Obsidian: This stone has a reflective energy, almost like a mirror. By prompting a deeper sense of reflection within you. By supporting you in achieving a clear state, it guides you to discover which intention is best for you to set, so you know where to focus your energy.

Black Kyanite: This stone guides you to decide what you need to manifest. It cradles you in guided support to remove what no longer serves you, so you hold space for what is wanting to emerge into your life.

Happy manifesting ! Scarlet xo

At this New Moon, plant a seed for the Universe to tend. Set your vision free amongst the stars.
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