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New Beginnings Full Moon! Worm Moon or Paschal Moon?

March’s Full Moon will arrive Sunday evening on March 28. This full moon has many names! Worm Moon, Paschal Moon, Egg Moon. Yes! Egg Moon! No, it won’t be shaped like an egg, nor is it about hunting for Easter eggs under the moonlight ;)

It is said that this moon is called Worm Moon due to worms starting to surface as the snow melts away and the weather warms up, and the Robins coming around to feed. Signs that Spring is upon us and so are new beginnings.

This Full Moon is also important to Christians worldwide as its arrival will set the date of Easter this year. Easter always arrives on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of Spring, giving this moon the name Paschal Moon.

Regardless of the name that celebrates this Full Moon phase, this moon phase represents the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity. Its time to celebrate your growth! Take note of your progress and reflect on how far you've come, and reflect on what needs to be released in order to continue your growth. The seeds you planted two weeks ago, during the New Moon, are beginning to sprout and you have an opportunity to manifest your future.

The Paschal Moon is a Time of Reflection, and Release.

What in my life is serving me well, and what in my life is no longer serving me well?

The strong energy of the Paschal Moon invites us to ponder: What must I stop doing? What must I start doing? What must I continue doing?

A Full Moon’s intense energy can have us feeling emotional or anxious. It has been my experience that these natural energies of the Universe heighten our emotions so that we become sensitive to what no longer serves us. Bringing to light the stuff we want to ignore or think we’re ok tolerating. It holds space for the seeds that you've planted during the New Moon to blossom and clears the path for those seeds to grow by encouraging you to release what no longer serves you.

Release What No Longer Serves You

Listen to Your Emotions.

Once you have this awareness of what you need to stop doing, it becomes difficult to keep engaging in what no longer serves you. Each full moon, this energy will continue to show you what you need to stop doing through heightened emotions, and those emotions will continue to heighten until you do something to release what no longer is serving you.

Self-Care Ritual for Release

  • Write down what needs to be released. Perhaps its a habit, a relationship, negative thought pattern(s), behaviour etc. As you write, be detailed in what you want to release.

  • Write down what needs to be celebrated.

  • Select a candle colour, either white or black. Some of you may prefer to use white as it represents the full moon and pure beginnings, and others may prefer to use black to help release, as the colour black absorbs negativity. Choosing the type of candle will be personal to you and the symbolic meaning it holds for you. Now you're ready to begin releasing!

  • Place your candle on or in a glass/metal plate or bowl to avoid any fire accidents.

  • Light it and watch the flame glow as you ground yourself in loving energy.

  • Gaze into the flame as you speak out loud everything you wish to celebrate about your progress and then speak out loud everything you wish to release from your life.

  • Take the time to be mindful of how your body feels... feel your mind and heart feeling lighter as you release.

  • When you're done, blow out the candle and whisper the word "Happiness". Feeling the lightness and gratitude of happiness being invited into your space and life. Blowing out the candle is symbolic. As you extinguish the flame, you're extinguishing what no longer serves you.

The life you desire is waiting for you... allow it! Hugging your Hearts ~ Scarlet xo

"I give up freely what no longer serves me. I release it to create and hold space for what inspires me."

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